Safety System – Lead free polymer pipe fittings – Full-flow technology

Innovative Patented Pipe Fittings

The lead free polymer safety fittings are the result of continuous technical innovation and research. This new range was designed and patented to reach the highest safety standards regarding the connection of in-wall multi-layer pipe installations.

The fittings are made from PPSU (polyphenylsulfone) which is a high performance polymer that has excellent impact and chemical resistance.  It is commonly used in the fields of avionics due to its lightweight nature and flame-proof characteristics, and in medical applications such as human joint replacements due to its high impact strength and compatibility with human tissue.  The material is also lead free, making it the safest choice for drinking water applications.


Patented tools flare the pipe around the fitting to maintain precise inside diameters of the fittings, reducing pressure drops throughout the fittings.  The pipe is then locked on the fitting by a tight collar/cap connection and can be unlocked and used again.

The idea to develop the safety fittings came from the decision to increase the flow – consequently decreasing pressure drops, friction, noise and enabling the reduction of pipe sizes in some cases. This has been achieved by making a greater diameter socket on the pipe head for the connection.

The project has been carried out step by step, going through all necessary tests and paying great attention to reliability factors for its in-wall piping use. The production of the safety fittings began only after receiving certifications from international authorities for the whole range, and its dedicated accessories.

The socket on the pipe head is made by a special patented tool that ensures a quick, reliable and safe connection.

Benefits Include:

  • Simple and safe connections for in-wall installations
  • Zero lead resulting in a safer option for drinking water applications
  • High impact-resistance
  • High flow rates and low pressure drops
  • Substantially quieter than crimp type plastic systems and metallic piping
  • Quick-and-easy installation
  • Possibility to unlock fittings for re-use, reducing wastage
  • Resistant to lime, cement, plaster and electro-chemical reaction
  • Low cost and economical dedicated patented tools

Appliaction In other sectors

Since the safety system fittings are made from PPSU (polyphenylsulfone), which is a technologically advanced polymer, they are ideal for applications in marine environments, due to the exceptional physical, chemical and mechanical properties of the material.  Safety System installations can be made in direct contact with sea water without compromising performance in any way. The Safety System is the ideal solution for installations in the presence of strong salt concentrations, placing it among the most widely used systems in the marine industry.

  • distribution and supply of compressed air;
  • technical facilities for the service of machinery
  • wherever it is necessary to convey a fluid or compatible gas.



Range – From 16mm to 90mm


Transport of hot/cold fluid and non-potable fluids with maximum working temperature/pressure with 95°/10 bar (1,000 kPa)


Heating/cooling and industrial fluid transport, conditioning and climatization plants; thermal stations, power to thermal appliances, traditional central heating; heating and cooling panel plants; greenhouse and garden irrigation and nebulizing plants.

Resistance to corrosion

Total resistance to corrosion, construction materials and the main chemical compounds allow it to be used in a wide variety of applications, both residential and industrial.

Direct Junction For Pipes


 The new fitting was conceived, manufactured and patented by aquatechnik: it was designed to create attachment points on multilayer pipes in a simple and quick way, thus removing the use of bulky and expensive reduced tees. The application of the new direct junction for multilayer pipes allows creating thermal power stations, distribution of heating and domestic water networks, distribution manifolds in reduced spaces and in shorts times, also for compressed air.

It is recommended to be used outdoors and in false ceilings. It does not require special tools: you just need to use a simple cutter with a common drill.

The direct junction for multilayer pipes can be applied on existing pipes or on previously installed distribution main lines, thus facilitating the creation of the distribution manifold and the application of the attachment points where necessary. Several laboratory tests allow comparing the sealing and the duration of this special component with the features of a common tee; in addition, the direct junction for multilayer pipes can be dismantled, and so it is always recoverable.


  • Installation speed
  • Reduced overall dimensions
  • Executable on existing pipes or after having laid the main supply lines
  • Reduced necessary tools
  • Economic savings with respect to the use of tees and reduced tees
Pipe Fittings


Aquatechnik Australia offers you wide range of innovative polymer fittings and pipes for solutions to your piping systems.