Safety System – Lead-free, full-flow, leak-proof system

Safety® System – Lead-free, full-flow, leak-proof system

The plumbing industry has increasingly adopted polymer piping systems as a substitute for metallic piping systems, such as copper, due to the cost and labour savings.


There are many different options available to you as a plumber or hydraulic engineer when it comes to piping systems. But what is best for your business and your clients?


Recently Spec-Net had the chance to interview Nick Calautti, Commercial Director at Aquatechnik Group, about the company’s polymer Safety® system, which offers durability and precision without sacrificing easy installation, unlike traditional metal fittings that are prone to corrosion breakage and punctures, and other systems Aquatechnik produces.

Here are the highlights from our interview with Nick:

How would you describe your company’s mission/vision/values?


“Aquatechnik offers a wide range of innovative polymer fittings and pipes for a solution to any piping systems,” says Nick.


“We believe in designing and building products that last, have a competitive price, and provide a quality experience for our customers. At Aquatechnik we are constantly making improvements to all of our products, so in essence, we are always working on bettering ourselves as well”.

Let’s talk more about new products. How do you get the idea of developing the Safety® system?


“The idea to develop the Safety® system came from our past experiences and listening to customers’ concerns. Crimping systems are well known and largely used, but they have many drawbacks. So, at Aquatechnik, a decision to develop a secure and safe system with an increased flow technology that reduces pressure drops, friction, and noise, enabling the reduction of pipe sizes in some cases, was taken. After a lot of studies, research, and tests, the Safety® system was born. This has been achieved by making a greater diameter socket on the pipe head for the connection,” says Nick.

How innovative is the system?


“That is a good question. In short, Safety® fittings and pipes are way easier to use, durable and flexible, and the cost is one-third of traditional copper pipes.” He continues, “Also, this system gives you many solutions and peace of mind. A few examples? Fittings can be dismantled, and this makes it easier for future maintenance operations as fittings can be disassembled and replaced without the need to cut the pipe. What other system gives you the option to join and dismantle a 90mm fitting in 2 minutes, all without losing the fitting and cutting the pipe?”


“Furthermore, fittings can be joined together without using any tools or any pipes, so basically, they work, pass me the example, like the Lego or Meccano bricks. In other words, if a fitting doesn’t exist, you can create it! This also helps to reduce the spacing. It doesn’t matter if the solution looks too hard, at first sight: if you can imagine it, you can turn it into reality.”

How about the performance of the system?


“Ok, what if I tell you: ‘Lead-free, full-flow, leak-proof, money, and energy saving system’?” smiles Nick and continues, “Here are some facts: our fittings do not contain lead, unlike metal fittings and pipes, and do not corrode or react with water in any way. Thanks to its full-flow technology, when compared with crimping systems, in most cases a pipe of smaller diameter can be used to deliver the required flow rate, which results in cost savings with materials. For instance, are you thinking of a 32mm crimping pipework? With our system, you can downsize pipes and fittings to 26mm and get the same amount of water. Did you or your apprentice make a mistake? Don’t waste time and fittings, just undo them and change them with the required ones.” He concludes, “The system works from – 45C° to + 95C°, up to 1,000 kPa, and it is highly resistant to chlorine super shock treatments. Does it sound reliable?”.


Aquatechnik Australia offers you wide range of innovative polymer fittings and pipes for solutions to your piping systems.