Advantages of Multi-Layer Piping vs. Single Layer PEX

Advantages of Multi-Layer Piping vs. Single Layer PEX

Piping systems are an essential component of daily life, and you’ll find them in critical systems that do everything from delivering clean drinking water to residential homes to those that warm up cold tiled floors during winter. While we’ve traditionally used steel or copper  piping for this purpose, manufacturers and businesses are starting to favour multi-layer composite piping systems instead. Here’s why this piping is in demand – and how it’s five layers (including layers of PexB, adhesive, and aluminium) play a part in its success

Who’s Using It?

Composite piping is becoming the piping of choice for plumbers installing hot and cold-water plumbing systems.

Why is composite piping so popular? Here are just a few of its most attractive qualities:

  • 3x lighter than copper piping
  • Easy to install with manual bending
  • Keeps its shape during bending
  • Its thermal expansion is comparable to copper piping
  • Impermeable to oxygen
  • Higher quality compared to single layer PEX
  • The price doesn’t fluctuate like that of copper
  • Minimises theft risk since it is not a precious metal
  • Requires fewer connections during installation since it is available in long coil lengths

Some more advantages

When composite piping is used in warm water piping systems, its aluminium barrier protects the boiler/water heater from corrosion by keeping oxidants out of the water, which saves money on replacement costs and prolongs its lifespan. When used in building, multi-layer piping behaves like copper during bending, making it easy to use and install in brick or masonry buildings but at a much more affordable rate.

If you’re looking to make the switch to composite piping, you’ve made the right choice. Aquatechnik composite piping is one of the leading tubing products available, due to its high-quality composition, solid construction, and durability. If you’re looking for a readily available and affordable supplier of multi-layer composite piping, contact us today.