VALU-technik System

VALU-technik® System

Floor system with multilayer pipes for radiant heating and cooling.
A single system with a dual function.


  • Residential;
  • Shopping centres, shops, restaurants, hotels, swimming-pools;
  • Places of worship, industrial sheds, gyms, sports halls, laboratories;
  • Hospitals, nursing homes;
  • Cultivation greenhouses, football fields;
  • Animal breeding;
  • Airports, stations;


  • Energy saving: Greater energy saving as compared with traditional systems as operating at low temperatures, in both versions of the system (heating/cooling);
  • Heat performances: The thickness and position of the aluminium layer result in excellent heat conductivity characteristics;
  • Oxygen barrier: The inner layer of aluminium, acts as a barrier against oxygen molecules, avoiding corrosion due to oxygen infiltration;
  • Environmental comfort: radiant systems reproduce temperature uniformity;
  • Well-being: the perception of physical well-being reproduced by the radiant panel system corresponds with the physiological needs of the human body;
  • Environmental aesthetics: since it is installed under the floor, it eliminates the constraint of heating elements;
  • Cleanliness and hygiene: thanks to the absence of convection motion, there is no dust or allergens that are blown around the room.
  • Noiseless;
  • Child safe and pet-friendly: the system has no exposed hot or sharp edges – a safe option for young children, the elderly and pets.


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