VALU-technik System

VALU-technik® System

The global hydronic systems market is expected to grow by about 10% by 2025.

The market growth is driven by the need for energy-efficient heating and cooling systems and the increase in construction activities worldwide to reduce GHG emissions finding environmentally friendly systems and green alternatives to the conventional systems will boost the growth of the market as well.

Spec-Net had the chance to discuss more about hydronic systems with Nick Calautti, Commercial Director at Aquatechnik Group.

“We produce our VALU-technik® system, a hydronic underfloor heating system which is a floor system with pe-x and multilayer pipes for radiant heating and cooling”. He added, “This is a single system with a dual function”.

What are the fields of application?


“The VALU-technik® products can be applied in domestic and industrial buildings, public buildings, and residential and non-residential buildings. It can be applied to almost any heating or cooling application”.

He continued, “Aquatechnik’s customers range from large construction companies to individual homeowners. Our flooring systems include high-end commercial and multi-unit residential applications; both segments use VALU-Technik on an almost daily basis”.

How does underfloor hydronic heating work?


“It is quite simple: the hot water circulates through a closed circuit of piping under the floor and once used, the water returns to be reheated via a recirculating system. The heat source is usually a gas boiler or better a heat pump, in addition to solar energy.” He continues, “If compared to convection systems such as air conditioning or ducted heating, we can consider it as a dust-free system, as there is no air being blown around the room.”

What are the advantages of the system?


Underfloor heating systems have plenty of benefits. It is super comfortable when you walk bare feet and frees up room space since no radiators will be installed around filling up wall space. Other benefits are: 1) it is one of the more cost-effective forms of heating and helps to reduce energy bills; 2) It is completely silent, there is no noise coming from the hydronic heater; 3) Child safe and pet-friendly, the system has no exposed hot or sharp edges.” Nick says. “Also, it is the best solution for homes with renewable heating sources and the underfloor heating system makes the transition to sustainable homes easier.”


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