Lead Free, Full flow, Leak Proof Piping system. We have 100’s of plumbing supplies for solutions to your piping systems. Register here!

Aquatechnik Safety System

 Now in Australia

A firm commitment to quality, reliable and safe plumbing supplies has remained a hallmark of Aquatechniks ® success since its inception. The Aquatechnik ® Safety System carries a 25-year warranty. All Aquatechnik ® products are made to meet and exceed stringent certification standards and, above all, the needs and demands of professional plumbing installers.

The new Aquatechnik ® Australia team believes that building owners, engineers, architects and mechanical contractors and other sectors will welcome a versatile green building product that is safer, more affordable, easier and faster to install in a wide range of applications — always promising decades of reliable performance. We are proud to welcome you into the future of Aquatechnik ® Safety system.

The Safety System is recognised and approved in over 10 countries including Australia.


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Lead Free, Full flow, Leak Proof Piping System

Multi-Calor Pipes

Our Multi – Calor pipes use multi layer technology, which combines the excellent mechanical, chemical and physical properties of PE-Xb, and the mechanical resistance and flexibility of butt welded aluminium. The multi-calor pipes can be used for all the hydro-sanitary heating, conditioning systems and for installations with radiant panels and several applications more, allowing material saving.

Safety System Fittings

The safety fittings are the result of the will for a technical innovation and of a well-cared research and they are the “core business” of our company for some years. It is a new fitting range, designed and patented by aquatechnik group s.p.a., to reach the highest safety in junction with multilayer pipes under walls.

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Coupling Tools

Over the years, aquatechnik® has developed an efficient and agile quality system, applied with severity and balance, trying to improve and become more operative.The several certifications gained by aquatechnik® products are the result of working under strict standards; a continuous engagement that goes well with the society expansion in the international market.