Aquatechnik Australia offers you wide range of innovative polymer fittings and pipes for solutions to your piping systems.
Lead Free
Full Flow
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Aquatechnik’s Polymer Piping Systems – Now in Australia

A firm commitment to quality, reliable and safe plumbing supplies has remained a hallmark of Aquatechnik’s ® success since its inception. All Aquatechnik ® products are made to meet and exceed stringent certification standards and, above all, the needs and demands of professional plumbing installers.

The Aquatechnik ® Australia team believes that building owners, engineers, architects, mechanical contractors and other sectors will welcome versatile green building products that are safer, more affordable, easier and faster to install in a wide range of applications — always promising decades of reliable performance. We are proud to welcome you into the future of the Aquatechnik ® systems, recognised and approved in over 25 countries including Australia.


High-Quality Polymer Piping System available throughout Australia

Technological advancements have led to the creation of innovative plumbing materials that work brilliantly in the modern world, such as the Aquatechnik Safety System and our multi-layer pipe. With a team of dedicated industry experts, we’ve established a safer, cheaper and more environmentally friendly set of products in the Aquatechnik ® Safety System. There are a wealth of benefits and top-value features that you can enjoy from our products.


Some Great Benefits that Come with the Safety System


A cost-effective alternative:

The Aquatechnik safety system is cheaper than copper systems. It costs less to produce, so can be sold in larger quantities and at a lower cost. The safety system is easily accessible due to large-scale manufacturing, and each product complies with stringent regulations to produce a consistently high standard.


Lightweight materials:

Our polymer pipe products are easy to transport because they weigh significantly less than copper products and other plastic systems as there are no metallic fittings.  Transporting and moving the components of the system around the site is much safer due to the lightweight nature of the pipe and fittings.


Water safety:

With a track record spanning over 3 decades, the Aquatechnik safety system is ideal for the safe transfer of water. From cold water to hot/warm water systems, you can rest assured that your water flows through the right channels with Aquatechnik’s safety system plastic polymer piping.  With the system being lead-free, it is the safest choice for all drinking water applications.


Durable and sustainable:

Our safety system can withstand high pressure, heat and cold. You don’t need to worry about corrosion or scaling, because this problem doesn’t exist with friction-resistant PPSU polymer (polyphenylsulfone) that we use for our fittings. Our pipes last for more than 50 years and, moreover, you can always recycle the material once a replacement is due. This is great for green living and puts control over your carbon footprint in your hands.


Trust Aquatechnik to provide you with an innovative, safe and affordable polymer pipe design to use on your property. Message us online or call 1800 278 283 and speak to a friendly expert today in Australia.


For hot and cold potable water, mechanical, HVAC and compressed air systems.

Safety System Fittings

Safety System Fittings

The safety system utilises fittings made from next generation polymer PPSU (polyphenylsulfone).  They are Lead Free, Full Flow, Leak Proof and whisper quiet.  Ultra simple to assemble and completely re-usable.  They are the next generation fittings for hot and cold water piping systems.

Multi-Calor Pipes

The safety system utilises Multi-Calor, multi-layer pipe, comprising of an inner layer of Pex-B, wrapped in an aluminium layer which has been precision tig butt welded, and an outer layer of Pex-B.  The layers are bonded using a specialised adhesive that ensures the integrity of the pipe for its full lifetime.  The aluminium layer acts as an oxygen barrier, and enables bending of the pipe and gives the pipe similar elongation properties to copper tube.

Coupling Tools

Coupling Tools

There are three tools that can be used to assemble the safety system.  It depends on the diameter of the multi calor pipe that you are using to determine which tool can be used. The tools can be used to process diameters between DN16 and DN63.