Are PEX Pipes Safe?

Are PEX Pipes Safe?

Since before the 1980s, copper piping was the primary material used in plumbing systems, but for the past few years, PEX piping has proven to be a better piping alternative. It lasts longer, is cheaper to buy, is to install and doesn’t corrode like copper piping. However, there are conflicting reports as to whether or not one should trust PEX piping in one’s home. Here’s what you need to know if you’re conflicted about which option to choose.

Copper Versus Plastic

One of the most significant reasons why copper piping fell away as a material used for bringing water into the home, is because of the health risks involved. The solder that was used to connect copper pipes was lead-based, which meant that it was releasing lead particles in people’s drinking water. Ingesting lead is dangerous, and lead poisoning can be harmful to adults, with the risk of death increased in children and pregnant women. It’s one of the reasons why copper pipes and lead fittings are no longer used for plumbing.

So, is PEX any safer than its predecessor? Plastic piping – such as PVC, CPVC, and PEX (cross-linked polyethylene) has not been shown to release any significantly dangerous toxins in the water. Typically PVC is used for cold water, and CPVC is used for hot water. However, PEX piping has become a favourite for plumbers because it can be used for both hot and cold water. As PEX pipes aren’t glued together like plastic, there’s no risk of toxic solvents entering the water. All PEX and plastic piping used to run plumbing lines are tested, before installation, so there’s no risk of potentially harmful chemicals being released into your water.

As it stands, PEX piping is the safest option available for transporting water in and around your home. Remember that copper pipes and fittings, which released lead into the water gave off no taste, smell or visual sign that it was dangerous, so should not automatically be thought of as a superior option. If you’re still concerned about having compromised water, you can always install water filters on each tap for an affordable price.

After years of research, we at Aquatechnik were able to support the development of multi-layer piping technology. Our multi-layer pipes are a combination of improved technology that includes:

  • Dual layers of new adhesives that are far more resistant to mechanical stresses than the other kinds
  • High-performance aluminium alloy plates that are easier to weld
  • Cross-linked polyethylene internal layer (PE-X)

If you’ve decided to replace or repair your plumbing, the safety system is best quality available. Contact Aquatechnik and we can advise you on all your piping needs and supply them to you as well.