Direct Junctions and Its Advantages: For Multi-layer Pipes

Direct Junctions and Its Advantages: For Multi-layer Pipes

Aquatechnik introduced, manufactured, and patented a new fitting that was designed to create attachment points on the multilayer pipes quickly. These are called direct junctions that remove the use of bulky and expensive reduced tees. These direct junctions for multi-layer pipes can be used to work wonders that include:

  • Creating thermal power stations
  • Distribution of heating and domestic water networks
  • Creation of distribution manifolds in reduced spaces
  • Distribution of compressed air

Additionally, connecting direct junctions on multilayer pipes does not need any special tools – all you need is a simple cutter with a common drill.

The direct junction for multilayer pipes can be connected with both existing pipes and previously installed distribution main lines. You can also easily dismantle the direct junction on demand without any problem, which means that it is always recoverable even after installation.

Advantages of The Direct Junctions for Multilayer Pipes

  • Installation speed
  • Reduced overall dimensions
  • Executable on existing pipes or after having laid the main supply lines
  • Reduced necessary tools
  • Economic savings with respect to the use of tees and reduced tees

 Dimensions Available:

  • Pipe 75 mm – junction ½” and ¾.”
  • Pipe 63 mm – junction ½” and ¾.”

The process to Set Up A Direct Junction in A Multilayer Pipe

Step 1: Drill the multilayer pipe with the specific cutter where you want to attach the fitting. After drilling, smooth down the edges with a rubbing paper

Step 2: Place the fitting on the hole. Make sure that you don’t damage the gasket

Step 3: Tighten the screws in the collar to fasten the fitting to the pipe

Step 4: Screw the knurled nut up to the end. Tighten it well so the fitting gets locked on the hole, hence adjusting the gasket in the right work position.

Step 5: Now, the direct junction is all ready to install the desired fitting. (install it in the tip)