How Our Multi-Layer Safety Piping System Guarantees A Superior Flow Rate

How Our Multi-Layer Safety Piping System Guarantees A Superior Flow Rate

It’s important to take note of how well water is able to flow through your piping system. It’s common for small diameter fittings to cause the pressure level to change, which can result in annoying low water pressure and noisy plumbing. Aquatechnik’s Multi-Layer Safety Piping System is a simple yet innovative solution to this problem. It’s designed to maintain full-flow, eliminating the challenges associated with traditional plumbing in this area.

How Do We Achieve Full-Flow?

In most plastic piping systems, fittings are usually narrower than the pipes in diameter. This means that the flow is interrupted every time the water reaches a fitting with a smaller diameter, which causes  turbulence. This is the noise that you can hear behind the walls when the shower is running for example.

The Aquatechnik Safety System uses fittings that are the same nominal bore size as each plastic pipe in the system. This match in diameter translates to a steady flow of water, at an uninterrupted and constant pressure level, and whisper quiet operation.

What Are The Positive Effects Of This Superior Flow?

The primary purpose of piping systems are to facilitate the safe and convenient flow of water from one point to another. With an improved ability to do this, our multi-layered piping system is ahead of the curve and advanced in the plumbing industry. There are many positive effects of our full-flow system, including:

  • Reduced noise levels: Changes in diameter in traditional piping systems create turbulence, which can get quite noisy. Our Safety System enables a full-flow until the last fixture point, so there’s no unexpected pressure changes or noise.
  • Consistency in pressure and flow: You’ll never have to worry about weak water pressure with this product. The design maintains a consistent flow, which delivers a constant pressure without waking the children.
  • Zero Lead. Our fittings are made from PPSU (polyphenylsulfone) which is completely inert to the human body and will never react with water in the way that metallic fittings do.  There is no leaching of harmful chemicals into the water and no corrosion or scale build up inside the piping system.

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