Patented Pipe Fittings: Advantages and Applications

Patented Pipe Fittings: Advantages and Applications

Aquatechnik’s lead-free polymer fittings are the result of years of research and continuous technical innovation. It was designed with just one approach in mind: High Safety Standards. Our fittings are made from PPSU (polyphenylsulfone), which is a high-performance polymer having excellent impact and chemical resistance.

Due to their lightweight nature and flame-proof characteristics, these patented pipe fittings are used in the field of avionics and medical applications such as human-joint replacement as they are highly compatible with human tissues. Additionally, being made of lead-free material, it is completely safe to use these fittings for drinking water applications.

Why Patented Pipe Fittings?

The core reason to develop the safety fittings came from the decision to increase the flow, hence decreasing pressure drops, friction, noise, and enabling the reduction of pipe sizes, in some cases. Plus, we started its production only after receiving certifications from international authorities for the whole range, and its dedicated accessories.

Advantages of Patented Pipe Fittings:

  • Simple and safe connections for in-wall installations
  • Zero lead resulting in a safer option for drinking water applications
  • High Impact-resistance
  • High flow rates and low-pressure drops
  • Substantially quieter than crimp type plastic systems and metallic piping
  • Quick-and-easy installation
  • Possibility to unlock fittings for re-use, reducing wastage
  • Resistant to lime, cement, plaster and electrochemical reaction
  • Low cost and economical dedicated patented tools

Patented pipe fittings are ideal for applications in marine environments because they are made from PPSU (a technologically advanced polymer). The material used to make these fittings has exceptional physical, chemical, and mechanical properties. Unlike most other fittings, our patented pipe fittings can be used in direct contact with seawater for a long time without getting damaged.


  • Distribution and supply of compressed air
  • Technical facilities for the service of machinery
  • Transportation of hot/cold fluid or compatible gas


  • Heating/cooling and industrial fluid transport
  • Conditioning and climatisation plants
  • Thermal stations
  • Power to thermal appliances
  • Heating and cooling panel plants
  • Greenhouse and garden irrigation and nebulising
  • Traditional central heating

Available Range:

From DN16 to DN63