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In addition to the multilayer pipeline systems outlined, Aquatechnik also provides a wide range of fittings made of polymeric materials and metal that can be used to create connections with the pipeline systems provided by the company.
The common feature among the various ranges of fittings that the “safety” system uses is the particular geometry of the fittings which has clear advantages in terms of fluid flow, ease of processing, and levels of safety.
The unique feature of this system is that it maintains the same flow cross-section at the pipe/fitting transition point, compared to traditional methods which show a significant reduction in flow.
This innovative principle allows a considerable reduction of pressure drops in a simple, rapid, and reliable way, which not only favors energy savings due to reduced pump energy usage, but also leads to a reduction in associated pipeline noise.
The joint system between the pipe and fitting can thus be characterized by a number of fundamental factors:
¢ expansion of the pipe (flaring):
made with specific patented tooling, it allows simple,
rapid and safe coupling of pipe and fitting;
¢ the pipe/fitting joint system:
the pipe is positioned and secured at the fitting using
a cap that eliminates any movement;
¢ the anti-unscrewing system:
the cap is locked in position with a locking spanner
produced by Aquatechnik, which ensures a secure joint.
However, if required, this can be unlocked by using the
locking spanner, allowing easy removal of the fitting.

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