Multi-eco pipes are a range of multilayer pipes (PE-X/Al/PE-HD) that combine high-performance characteristics with a low-cost product. Their structure is made up of 5 layers of solid materials
which enhances the qualities of this metal-polymer duo.

The inner layer, in contact with fluids, is made from cross-linked polyethylene, a polymer whose resistance to high temperatures and hydrostatic pressures has been established by its use in engineering sector installations with excellent results. As far as organoleptic factors are concerned, this material is universally recognized as one of the most suitable for the conveyance of drinking water.

The intermediate layer is composed of a butt-welded aluminum foil, with reduced thickness, compared to our multi-calor pipes, joined to the inner and outer layers by means of adhesive films that are extruded during the manufacturing stage. The manufacturing process is identical to the one used for multi- calor pipes, except that the external layer of multi-eco pipes is created from high-density polyethylene (PEHD) instead of cross-linked polyethylene (PE-X).

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Multilayer pipes made of PE-X/Al/PE-X

The main features are represented by superior resistance to high temperatures and operating pressures.

its long life, and by being absolutely organoleptic with potable fluids for human consumption.

Ideal for any type of installation, from the residential sector to the industrial and service sectors for water supplies, heating, conditioning, cooling, garden irrigation,  and compressed air networks.

Aquatechnik multi-calor composite insulated pipes in red/blue/light-blue coils for Plumbing, Hydronics & HVAC systems.

Range: from Ø 14 to 90 mm, even in a pre-insulated version up to Ø 32 mm

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