Signs You Need To Install A Lead-Free Piping System In Your Sydney Home

Signs You Need To Install A Lead-Free Piping System In Your Sydney Home

The world is advancing at an incredibly rapid pace, and if you told someone in 2009 that we’d have the smart and intelligently built homes that are commonplace today, they wouldn’t have believed you. With modernisation occurring at such a rapid pace, it’s easy to forget that just a few decades ago homes commonly featured asbestos materials as well as lead pipes. While this has been mostly eradicated, you could still be at risk. To make sure your home is safe for those living in it now and in the future, here’s what you need to know about installing a lead-free piping system in your Sydney home.

Am I Really At Risk?

Many people dismiss lead as a legitimate threat. After all, it’s rare to consume enough to get more than mild lead poisoning right? There is no safe level of lead in drinking water, and it’s  children and pregnant women who are most at risk.  Lead consumption has been shown to affect brain development in children and can increase one’s risk of miscarriage. Once lead enters your body, it settles to accumulate over time. It’s why it makes sense to install a lead free piping system.

How Can I Tell If My Home’s Pipes Have Lead?

The only way to know for sure if your home has lead pipes is to get your drinking water tested. However, if your home predates the 1930s, you can spot visible corrosion on your pipes, or if you have limited knowledge of the history of the piping in your home, you could be at risk. Remember that you can’t see, taste or smell lead in your water and the Australian government only accepts 0.01mg per litre as a safe amount. Currently, they recommend running your taps for 30 seconds before using the water to lower your risk.

Can I Solve The Problem For Good?

Replacing your piping is the best way to eliminate the most common source of lead contamination in your home. If your home is at risk, it likely hasn’t had its pipes replaced in a long time, which means you could be dealing with leaks and blockages you didn’t know existed.  Installation of high quality water filters will also assist in the removal of lead in the water supply.

A new piping system will help you use water more efficiently, increase the value of your home and give you priceless peace of mind.

Not sure how to go about installing a lead-free piping system in your Sydney home? Then contact Aquatechnik today. We stock a full range of plumbing supplies and tools at an affordable price.