What’s Our Safety System And How Do Its Plastic Pipes Ensure Water Safety?

What’s Our Safety System And How Do Its Plastic Pipes Ensure Water Safety?

Water safety should be one of your top priorities any time you plan to install a multi-layer piping system. The water that you consume and use for hygiene purposes is transported through these pipes, so every possible protective measure must be taken. It’s easy to contract an illness from water that has been contaminated at some point in the piping network. So, how can you manage these risks? By using the Aquatechnik Safety System. This innovative piping system has safety at the core of the design and its plastic pipes minimise harm coming from plumbing networks. Here’s everything you need to know about the Safety System.

How Our Safety System Works

Comprising of PPSU (polyphenylsulfone) plastic pipe fittings and multi-layer polymer pipe , our Safety System is ideal for both hot and cold water. Our multi-layer piping system has the following three layers, bonded together with adhesive:

  • Inner layer (which is made from Pex B)
  • Middle layer (which is made from aluminium)
  • Outer layer (which is made from Pex B)

The system is lead-free, which means water will flow freely without corroding the fittings or creating scale. This means the chances of contamination resulting from chemical reactions are reduced by a considerable margin.

Advantages Of Our Safety System

Because of its innovative design, our Safety System comes with a wealth of benefits. It’s water-tight fittings work together to create an effective in-wall piping network for residential and commercial properties alike. In addition, it’s:

  • Reusable: you have the option to unlock the fittings and reuse them in the event of remodeling or renovations. You don’t need to buy new fittings as long as your Aquatechnik safety fittings are still in good condition
  • Easy to install: processing the safety system is extremely simple. We’ve created an instructional video to help guide you through it.
  • Impact resistant: due to the durability of materials used to make the fittings, the system can withstand heavy impact and pressure.
  • Cost effective: our plastic pipe fittings are less expensive than metallic fittings, saving you money too.

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